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mě připomíná jednu ze sester z MTV seriálu Tatínkovi Holčičky

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I found that my thoughts are too much which is a birraer for my life. I consulted allopathy doctors, no help.  Then i attended courses from the these gurus. My life changed. My mental freq came down. I understood that all(vivekanda,ramkris,ramanar,vallalar, .) saints say one  thing in common.  GOD IS IN YOU in the form of uyir.  goal of life is to realize self. The birraer is our mind/ego and karma. My ego and mind are so strong to stop progress in life.  To break out this in this life i understood that i need to meet many saints. I don't simply dont goto a saint. I read their books and hear speech. If i like i'll go otherwise NO. All the places i went brought huge changes. I feel more compassionate on people.Money is needed for service. If govt functions properly they would have concentrated only in devotion. Don't see only negative news about baba.See what he has done to society, we have to learn from it. Other than saintsno one can this kind of free service. All money are donated by his followers. There are many problems in Tamil nadu.1. No proper rain, we beg for water from other states2. No govt hospitals are functioning properly3. Many People are behind TASMAC.4. We became slave for cinema/TV.5. We dont have proper TV channel to bring valid news.6. Political system is totally unethical7. We don't have awareness about our own body mind health.8. Education/hospital became business.What we have done to overcome this. Can you as single person can do this?We cant do this even if we have 1 lak crore.  Because we don't have compassion.We have to learn compassion from all our saints.  Unless compassion we cant do any kind of SERVICE to society.

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